Looking Backward and Forward at Once

by ag

When I posted my final images for 2012 just before midnight on December 31, I was ecstatic. This photo/day project, which began a year earlier as a labor of love, adventure, and fun turned out to be much more time consuming and challenging than I had ever imagined. It’s true that I could have made things easier by featuring only one picture each day, but putting my camera down after just a few shots, or ignoring new opportunities as the day progressed, weren’t viable options. In the first case, it would have shut down my creativity just as it was beginning to get warmed up; in the second instance — well, no serious photographer would entertain that thought for a second. It was also impossible for me to choose one favorite image out of several I liked, so that added more work each evening.

Despite these problems, I have no regrets. Pixetera has reintroduced me to my artist self, sent me in new directions creatively, and brought me to a community of like-minded photographers around the world. I’m so grateful to each of you for inviting myself and others to see the world through your eyes: your images have enriched my life on a daily basis. Even though I will not be posting my own work as regularly, I still plan on stopping by your sites each day to see what you’ve been pointing your lenses at.

During the coming year, I’m hoping to self-publish a book of my 2012 photographs, prepare for a show at a local gallery, and open this blog up to my other art projects besides photography. My goal is to post something at least once a week.

Again, I thank all of you for visiting and being so supportive. May 2013 bring you the best that life on this beautiful planet offers.