Sunday, May 15, 2016: Spring on South Elm (Part 2)

by ag

This is the second Spring I’ve been treated to the rolling cascade of colors that my neighbor across the street, Insun Kim, orchestrates with flowers she has planted along her fence. It starts with white and violet irises, followed immediately by orange poppies.  I forget what’s next, but know that every few weeks, a resplendent new palette will appear on our corner.

Kim House_453

Until now, I’ve never seen a poppy bud up close, much less observed how it gradually opens. I don’t normally photograph plant life (no need to duplicate what others like bluebrightly already do well) but I couldn’t resist.

Given Insun’s eye for color, it should come as no surprise that she’s a talented artist. Although her sculptures tend to be made of metallic objects, they reflect a deep love of the natural world. After viewing her neighbor’s photographic take on her gardening here, be sure to visit Insun on the web.

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