Wednesday, October 25, 2017

by ag

Just as the explosion of two neutron stars millions of years ago helps put everything in perspective, here is an under-reported news story, the tragic account of a month-old Syrian girl named Sahar Dofdaa and her family, that does it from another angle.

At a time when anti-immigrant voices are becoming more and more powerful in western capitals, and Americans are consumed by Trump’s daily assaults on truth, dignity, and our founding values, it becomes even more incumbent on us to open our hearts to the suffering and injustice in our world. In that spirit, here are two other recent news accounts, from Africa and Asia, that cry out against the danger of compassion fatigue among citizens.

Boko Haram’s Young Suicide Bombers

Rohingya Genocide


This is what the Trump administration is doing in the name of border security: It arrested a 10-year old girl with cerebral palsy who has lived in this country illegally since she was three months of age. The detention of Rosamaria Hernandez occurred at a Texas hospital where she was taken for emergency gall bladder surgery. Border Patrol agents had stopped the ambulance she was riding in, followed it to the hospital, then waited outside her room until she recovered from surgery. Most patients usually go home at that point but Rosamaria wasn’t able to: Agents arrested her and brought her to an immigrant detention center 150 miles away from where her parents live. More here. The telephone number of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Laredo Texas is 956.723.2680 if you’d like to voice your concern.