Wednesday, April 4, 2018: Alighting

by ag

It’s not a book or retrospective exhibit at MOMA but it’s the closest to either that I can reasonably hope to get, at least for the immediate future. It’s Alighting, my new website, that organizes Pixetera images dating from 2012 — plus some earlier work — in a more systematic fashion than is possible with a chronological blog. Today, it finally went live.

There’s lots to look at — more than 500 images in fact. If you’re like me at a blockbuster museum show, feel free to whip through them like a whirlwind just to get a contact high. Otherwise, take your time and come and go as you like — admission is always free. Don’t forget to bring your friends :)

Know too that any feedback, positive or negative, is absolutely welcome. Brief comments can be left here, but I’d prefer that serious suggestions or criticisms be communicated via phone or email using the contact information you can find at Alighting.

FYI, current work will still be posted on Pixetera so don’t turn the dial (as they used to say in times that now feel pre-historic.) The plan is that at some point, the more exceptional images will also alight on Alighting.

My hope is that the new website marks both the end of one chapter and beginning of another.