Sunday, May 30, 2021

by ag

When my anti-selfie “Man with Some Issues,” came back from the museum where it had been hanging for three months, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully and carefully it was packed. It was almost as if the wrapping itself was an attempt to comfort its subject. When I told the curator that whoever was responsible deserved his or her own gallery show of similar pieces, she told me his name was Kris Ludwig, Exhibit Services Manager and lead preparator.

Practically speaking, I was also impressed with the sticky, purplish tape Kris used that I had never seen before. It was easy to peel off and left no residue. He made that task even easier by folding the tape a bit back upon itself at one end so it didn’t have to be pried off the packing material.

Once my photograph was unwrapped, I started playing with lengths of the repurposed tape. The composite images below owe their vibrant colors to Photoshop’s blending and inversion options.

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